Synopsis from Christ




Behold the promises of God are true and faithful. What He has spoken He shall perform. The glory and the power has positioned itself over Gods people and the fullness of it is complete and lacking nothing, though the hearts of Gods people wonder if it shall be sufficient to meet their expectations and the word of the Lord is, "Prepare thyself, for it shall not only meet your expectations but those things I shall bring shall over take your hearts and the abundance of the blessings that SHALL BE poured out shall be overflowing. I come with my reward with me, to call forth my chosen vessels, to bestow on them the authority that I send them forth with. Behold the authority and the power I shall open up upon my chosen vessels, how great it is and full of glory. They shall indeed be the sons of glory who shall walk in this hour, in my Spirit. And look at those who shall be stirred to jealousy because of those whom I have chosen. For those who are full of themselves have I not chosen and they shall wax cold in their hearts because of those whom I HAVE chosen.




In this hour my vessels shall walk as I walked in the earth, with an anointing that is without measure... not a portion, nor a double portion, but a portion that is without measure. Those things that were done in the past will be commonly done and many things that have never been done before will be done so that the world may come to have no excuse before God in that they shall see the works of God in full view and they shall be without excuse when they will openly reject God and they will therefore seal themselves for the judgment that shall soon after come.




Rise up in song my people for I shall walk among you as never before and the communion I shall have with my people shall be an open communion. The light of my glory shall rest upon the sons of God. I shall sit among my people and speak to them the mysteries of the kingdom and I shall walk among them as they rise up and go forth. The books of the prophets NOW shall all be opened up, and the mysteries of them shall be fully brought forth into light. The Pharisees have said that all mysteries have been revealed and that there are no new things to know... I shall bring forth such revelation of my word as never before seen and I shall shake every Pharisee with a quaking so that many shall fear what is coming forth in my word and in my revelation of my word.


Behold I bring forth a shaking in the heavens and a shaking upon the earth. I shall gather my people unto me and I shall take captive this new generation and shall draw them unto me and shall make of them the second wave of my armies. Though they are young they shall wield the sword of my word and shall strike with accuracy that which the sword was meant to strike. I am raising up voices of thunder all over the world; voices that shall speak mightily like the world has never known. The fear of these thunders shall be wide spread and the dread of their coming forth shall pierce the hearts of men.




Behold, my reward is with me, to bestow upon the faithful what is due them. To promote my vessels that have remained in me, to greater places in me. The mantle of authority shall rise up in the earth as it has never been before. The sons of God and the Sons of Thunder are brought forth. They shall tear down strongholds with violence. They shall have no mercy upon the spirits that bind. They shall not give ear to demons or suffer the doctrines of men to take my people captive any longer. The day of deliverance is come to my people and I shall bring them fully out from captivity of the doctrines of men, the doctrines of demons and the traditions wherein they have been bound.




The cloud of my glory has formed and is positioned above my people and it is even now sending forth a light rain, but I say... this light rain is NOT for long as this cloud of my spirit and glory shall be rent and the pouring out of it shall catch all in surprise and it will be as a flood upon you where you stand. The day shall rise with the light of its shining and all things hidden shall be revealed. The spirits that had power in darkness shall no longer have power as they shall be uncovered and brought into the light and judgment of my glory and my light. The dead shall rise, the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk, the sick shall rise up and they shall know again the Good Shepherd that I am.




I shall not beat them as the hirelings have that have been over my people. And I come to judge them that have been over my sheep that have raised their hand up against my lambs and have beaten them and without mercy. Shall I not beat them who have beaten my sheep? Shall I give mercy unto those who have not shown mercy upon my lambs? I shall tear down with violence these kingdoms that these wicked shepherds have built for themselves. Repent you fallen shepherds who have built for yourselves kingdoms from the very blood I shed. Repent and turn lest I take the very stones of your own kingdom and cast them upon you, to destroy you and remove you from the earth. And why do you say I shall not remove you from the earth? I tell you I shall remove many from the earth in this hour who have offended me and have taken my name in vain and have beaten my sheep. I tell you the truth, it is YOU who have taken my name in vain, who have built up kingdoms for yourself and have bartered with the evil one that you might fill your bellies with the desires of your flesh and have paid for your lusts with the very cross of my death. My death was for the souls of men, but you have eaten it up to consume it and to use it for the desires of your lusts and the things of the flesh.




The day of my rising is come. My prophets hear my voice. I have now established the apostles of my choosing in the earth. They shall rise up and go forth and bring structure to my kingdom on earth. They have deep hearts of mercy, but they shall go forth and destroy what hinders my kingdom from coming forth. I tell you to search your hearts and ask of me whether it be filled with light or darkness, for there are too many who think they do not stand in my way, but who do stand in my way and are set for a breaking. Some I shall remove from their place and shall take them home because they have not heard my voice in this time and who stand in the way of my spirit. I am a God of 6

Love and it is a long suffering love, but I will not suffer ruin to my kingdom in this time and I shall remove them that stand in the way. Those vessels I bring forth shall rise up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, and they shall walk and not grow faint. Some vessels I will raise up that men will not be able to kill. Were men to kill them, they shall rise up from death to continue. Time and time again they shall rise up. They shall not be taken off the earth unless I say. For all the sacrifices my people have offered up over many years, I bring now the reward for their giving. In this time those who have given up lands I shall increase and give them portions of the earth. Men shall deliver up riches into the storehouses of my people. I shall rebuke the devourer in this time and for a season he shall have no power to come against my chosen ones. I shall shut the mouth of the devourers as I shut the mouth of the Lions before Daniel.




Your young children shall speak prophecy and have visions and I have appointed even them to witness and to preach the word of the kingdom in this time. They shall see my angels coming forth and with angels they shall speak and converse on many things. Think not slight of them or think them of little value for they are precious in my sight and I shall put words of wisdom in these young vessels. They shall win souls into the kingdom through the purity of their hearts and the anointing I shall cover them with in wisdom. Speak to the darkness that has bound your families and I shall chase off the darkness that before has had place and rule in your houses. I shall rise up as a mighty and angry lion and shall run after darkness and shall chase it and drive it from my people.




The earth has never seen before the heavens as it shall be opened up before my people. As Stephen saw the heavens opened so shall the people of God behold the heavens opened and the glory of my coming. The earth is mine and I now am risen up to take into possession all that is mine. The heavens are mine and I shall possess all that is in the heavens. I shall place my foot on the head of the serpent and for a season he shall not come against my chosen ones. I shall break the teeth of the lions who seek to come against mine anointed and the fear of my judgments shall come upon the hearts of men.




To those who have the heart of Nicodemus who do hunger after me, I say... remove the robes of your positions and the flatteries of men and follow after me and I shall give you instead the robe of righteousness and of holiness that you may enter into these things I bring into the earth.




To those who judge... seek my counsel while it is yet early that you may judge according to my counsel, lest I find that you are without mercy and I come to judge you. For those I find in this hour who have no mercy I shall strike with an iron rod in my anger. In this time the earth shall know the anger of God and the wrath of His displeasure for in the open I shall openly stand before them and offer mercy this last time and those who refuse I shall openly destroy before the eyes of many. The hearts of men shall fail them in this hour for the fear that shall come over them. Listen to my cry all yee nations, listen and know that I AM the Lamb of God that was slain for your sake and none shall stand before my father who shall reject me. You shall NOT know God who refuse to know me and seek after my face.




My prophets I shall honor in this time and I shall make many jealous who think in themselves they have honored me and they have not. I shall pour upon my prophets blessings that shall anger those who think in themselves that they possess the kingdom of heaven and they do not. This is the day of the song of the prophets, but who can know what that means? This is the day of the power of the coming forth of my apostles. My arm shall strike the earth in judgment and the whole of it shall shake. Woe to them who say they possess my kingdom and do not, who say all things continue as with their fathers and everyday shall be as the other and God shall not move as these prophets say. You have not given heed to my chosen ones. You think in yourselves you are my counsel and I say, brace yourselves if you can for I shall shake all that can be shaken and if you hold on to anything that is not me you shall be carried off with the shaking.




Why do you not hear my voice, why do you not seek my face, why do you withstand the voice of my prophets, why do you not show mercy to them that are bound and even add further chains to them that are bound? For in this my anger is kindled greatly, that you have NOT brought liberty to the captive as I ordered you to do, but rather you have bound up further them that were in bonds. My wrath is kindled greatly because of this and I say... run to them, run to them that you have bound and lose them quickly before I come and find that you have not done so. I tell you the wrath of my anger for this is ALL consuming and I shall not have mercy on them who have done this when I am come and find they have not done as I said, and loosed them who are in captivity. You have but a short time to repent and right these things and you must RUN to lose them that you have bound for I come quickly and shall without mercy judge you if you have not done as I have said. Loose them who are bound!




The kingdom shall be on earth as it is in Heaven. I bring the government of my Father among men. That which is in Heaven shall be seen on earth. My glory is come that it may enter into my people and that it may rest upon my chosen vessels. I shall raise up my temple of living stones. I go forth throughout the earth establishing my vessels and putting in place the stones of my temple. Who shall hear the words of my prophets and who are they who shall not be offended by the words of my apostles in this hour? There is a harvest and an ingathering that has never been before until now. A multitude shall rise up and enter into the kingdom as a field going forth from horizon to horizon. I shall remove striving from my people and I shall be in them with the power they have sought and yearned for. Before one shall finish praying I will have done it for them. Rise up and rejoice, for all things are come to be fulfilled and from this time forward you, my people, shall enter into all that is in me and you shall go forward in me unto the day that my kingdom is fully brought forth upon the earth.